Why is SEO Needed?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an art of optimizing a website/ webpage to boost its rank in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc. Optimizing a website makes it understandable and readable to search engine spiders/robots thereby making it visible at a higher spot for related keyword searches.

Any website is capable of attaining search ranking and visibility if optimized in a proper manner. Apart from creating visibility on the web, SEO also enhances online exposure of a website/webpage and offers a branding to any online business. SEO involves improvement of numerous aspects of a website/webpage including site theme, design, quality, site link structure, directory structure, webpage content, site link structure, relevance etc.

After an SEO expert optimizes your website, you will see a significant rise in its traffic. Your website will be visited by targeted customers who search for relevant keywords on search engines. To direct targeted customers to your website, it is very important that your website ranks higher in the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc.

We at Swans Technology have gone through a lot of analysis and research to come up with effective SEO techniques. We closely follow search engine guidelines to take your website to the top and maintain its ranking all through. While applying our SEO skills, we do a complete research on the reasons behind your website not being indexed. From modifying web structure and coding to changing design and presentation, we do whatever it takes to make your website noticeable to Search Engine robots/ spiders.

We believe that valuable content is the key to improved Google ranking. Original content that is valuable to the visitors is always appreciated by search engines. Original and valuable content plays a vital role in converting visitors into potential customers.

Why choose White-hat SEO Methods?

White-hat SEO Methods are the ones that are highly recommended and accepted by search engines. Some people also follow Black-hat SEO Methods or spamdexing that are not acceptable to search engines. Although White-hat SEO shows slow results, the results are long lasting. Black-hat SEO Methods generate quick results but they are short spanned and might also have your website banned temporarily or permanently.

Contrary to this, White-hat SEO Methods stick to search engines guidelines. White-hat SEO involves creation of original/ valuable content that is understandable by Search Engine robots/ spiders. Though time consuming, White-hat SEO is the best option to be followed if you want your SEO results to last for long

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